DSGT (DigiSafeGuard Tokens)

DSGT Token Distribution

  • 70% Crowd Sale
  • 10% Airdrop
  • 3% ICO Promotion Team
  • 7% Dev
  • 10% Foundation

Max Supply: 100,000,000

Anonymously across the Internet:

Using DigiSafeGuard your files and messages are encrypted, however when you use your email, whatsapp etc… for sending your encrypted messages, Your ISP or anybody else having access to your phone or email data can see that person A is sending an encrypted message to person B. In the most cases this isn’t a problem. For example if your using DigiSafeGuard for internal use in your company.


However sometimes you want to stay anonymous as you dont want the outside world to know that Company A is in conversation with Company B etc… DigiSafeGuard will have his own blockchain to transfer encrypted data. Your messages are not only encrypted but also untraceable using blockchain technology.


Monetizing Content distribution:

At the same time DigiSafeGuard Blockchain monetizing content distribution by enabling content providers get paid for their contributions.

Once main-net goes live, DSGT Tokens will be swaped for DSGC (DigiSafeGuard Coins). DSGC have a real world usage and can be used for anonymous data transfer and monetizing content distribution.


DSGT Crowd Sale & Airdrops will start soon, You can follow us on our Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Signup to our Telegram Channel to get informed once DSGT become available to public. By following us you will also have a chance to get a free DSG device for beta testing.